South African born migrants in the Suburbs

About 19 suburbs in Perth have South African born residents in excess of 200. According to the 2006 census, the largest group of SA migrants lives in the suburb of Dianella (921 or about 4 percent of the total population) and Canning Vale (653 or about 3 percent of the total population).

There are 9 suburbs in Melbourne with SA born residents of more than 200. According to the census, most are living in Caulfield South (637 or about 6 percent) and Caulfield North (413 or about 3 percent).

Sydney has 19 suburbs with SA resident populations in excess of 200. St Ives Bay has a SA migrant population of 1,694 or about 12 percent followed by Rose Bay with 680 or about 8 percent of the total population.

There are 10 suburbs in Brisbane with more than 200 SA migrants with most living in Chapel Hill (337 or 3 percent) and Forest Lake (298 or 1 percent).

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Suburbs with 200 SA migrants or more

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