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Information and Networking Service for immigrants to New Zealand and Australia 

Moving to a new country is an exciting journey with lots of opportunities as well as challenges. We all want more information available when making such important decisions for ourselves and our families. The information on this website was specially selected to help you make better informed decisions when you consider moving to Australia or New Zealand.

Information that is not easily available on the internet was extracted from official statistical agencies, government organisations and other sources. Further analysis and calculations produced a set of information tables, graphs, and commentary aimed at giving a clearer picture about the topics mentioned below:

  • Suburbs in Australia and New Zealand where most South African's prefer to settle ( take a virtual tour at street level)   
  • Income levels for those suburbs
  • How and where to search for a job
    (Improve your chances of finding a job by focusing on those regions where the demand for your skills is
    growing and avoid  areas where unemployment in your occupation is increasing -more than 300 occupations are covered by region and updated on a quarterly basis) 
  • Avoid high crime suburbs (crime statistics at suburb level)
  • Average house prices in suburbs where South African's prefer to settle
  • Living costs in New Zealand and Australia
  • Survey results covering migrant's experiences in Australia and New Zealand including factors that help them find work and what they like and dislike about both countries
  • Climate for the main areas where South African's are living
  • Easily accessible information about schools in any suburb in both countries
  • Links to salary information by occupation

If you would like to know which Australian and New Zealand cities and suburbs most South-African's prefer to live in and why, or which regions experience growing demand for your skills or have less demand for people in your particular occupation then you will find the answers on this website. Whatever your approach, following the crowd or exploring unchartered territory is made easier by using information on this site.


"Our success is based upon being able to provide our clients with the information they want"


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